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Welcome to the Lessons Learned Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Roadmap to

Applied Inclusive Data-driven  Decision-making

in your daily interactions & work practices

Confidently collect and respectfully use intersectional data to celebrate and monitor progress toward creating an inclusive work culture and coveted sense of belonging within your organization. Empower leaders at all levels of the organization to demonstrate a meaningful commitment to inclusion and creates spaces where all team members can thrive. Organizations that promote understanding and build the capacity of all staff to welcome and support new hire success is good for new and existing team members in all their rich diversity.

Why Collect & Monitor Intersectional Data in your Organization?


Promoting Understanding and Use:

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Understanding where you currently stand is the first step to creating a customized community of belonging that not only welcomes new team members in all their diversity but engages all team members in benefiting from a community of belonging where everyone shares in the collective opportunities to learn and grow together. 

How to honour the diverse talent & experience within your organization

The tools and resources in this solution provide a roadmap to collecting baseline data to drive impactful insights and actions on your journey to create a community of belonging where all team members can succeed. 


  • Will be at different stages in their quest to be an inclusive employer of choice. 
  • Will explore the lessons learned in developing awareness and buy-in from leaders at every level of the organization
  • Can expect to review, revise and improve their strategy as they progress through the solution and develop their capacity to effectively build an increased understanding of the benefits of inclusive work practices in routine workflow interactions

Step 1

Understanding how our history affects the workplace today – key concepts, terms and definitions.

Step 2

Finding the diverse talent you need and growing your current talent begins with looking at your community and your organization with fresh eyes.

Language that is inclusive and focuses on the “role and core competencies for success” is the key to hiring qualified persons that reflect the rich diversity within your community.

Step 4

Attract a broad applicant pool by transferring the person-centric job description content to an inclusive job posting and application selection process.  

Step 5

Strategies and tools to manage interviewer bias promote interviewer and candidate confidence in a fair and equitable hiring process.

Step 6

Building a community of belonging that creates space for continued learning and long-term success for all.

About the IDEAS 4 Gender Equality Project

  • Incorporating IDEAS into the hiring process can engage underserved and underrepresented individuals and communities in the workforce by removing barriers and addressing structural inequities. 
  • Organizations that embrace IDEAS foster cultures that promote belonging, minimize biases, broaden their community appeal and outreach, and expand their candidate pool.

Learn more about the IDEAS4GE Project and how multi-stakeholder Solution-builders collaborated in the development of this resource.


The Inclusive Person-centric Hiring Strategies outlined in this resource build upon the equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) practices used by many experts in the recruitment and hiring fields of work.  It also incorporates recommended policies and operational practices collected from grassroots organizations and diverse multi-stakeholders and sectors working to promote gender equality through systemic changes to workplace hiring practices. (Contributing sources and citations are woven throughout the solution and listed in their entirety in the Reference Page

Special thanks to the Project Team, Solution-Builders and Review  Team Members. 


Information in this resource is provided solely for the user’s knowledge. While extensively researched and considered accurate, it is provided strictly “as is” and without warranty, either expressed or implied. The IDEAS4GE Team and Solution-builders or associates will not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, or lost profits or data arising from your use of the information presented in this resource. Use of this free resource constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Note: that the terms and acronyms used in this resource are provisional and reflect the general understanding at the time of the solution design (2023).